Whether we are cleaning windows, caulking, pressure washing, or providing other services, we follow all applicable OSHA standards and the ANSI/IWCA I-14.1 Window Cleaning Safety Standard. In accordance with the I-14, we provide a “Plan of Service” for all high-rise work. This plan of service will specify how each worker’s fall protection tieback should be placed for each individual descent, identify hazardous areas, outline additional safety features, describe hazardous chemical use, and identify areas requiring public protection. The I-14 also requires property professionals to provide us with safe anchors for use as tie-backs for individuals performing suspended work. A safe anchor is defined as one that is fixed to the roof, has been certified by an engineer, has been tested, is inspected on an annual basis, will support the intended load, and is in a suitable location for the descent

At Sparkling Clean Window Company, providing a safe work environment is our top priority. Our comprehensive safety assurance and training program includes the following.